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DCU free FICO score question

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DCU free FICO score question


I just joined DCU and I went to my mailbox and signed up for the free FICO score service

When will I get a score? Is it once a month ? If yes then when? Will it show up in my mailbox?

I have only 5 months credit history so I don't think I have an Equifax FICO score yet, so how will that affect me?
Will I still e generated one or only from next month ?
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Re: DCU free FICO score question

either be patient or get added as an AU Smiley Tongue

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Re: DCU free FICO score question

Well, that response made no sense.


I became a DCU member last month and received my first score this month.  DCU scores generally come out on the last Friday of the month, but were late in September.  You should get your first score either at the end of the month or the end of next month.

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Re: DCU free FICO score question

I vote for the end of next month because you won't have a FICO at all until 6 whole months have passed. All of your accts age on the first of each month.

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