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Does anyone know which credit report actually lists the DOFD on collection accts? Also, I pulled mine from and forgot to save it and now I cant find it. Can somone point me in the right direction? I think the report might have been TU? Not sure Smiley Sad( I have about 7-8 that are due to fall off this month (Feb) and others in March. Should I ask for early deletion or just wait, watch and stay quiet? DoNOT want to wake the angry bear!! These will fall off and only new positive credit will show..meaning 42 POSITIVE CCaccts, (2) loans and (1) mortgage....Thanks everyone!!

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Hope this helps. if the late payment history is still reporting on the original account CreditKarma is useful there for TU and EQ. Experian you can look at the free account on their site.



I went through some old pdf copies I have. Equifax has a line there but no date. TU has a line on one of my old student loans that says 

>Maximum Delinquency of 60 days in 02/2010 for $74<

For a actual CA on there, it doesn't have a DOFD but it has the removal date: 

Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 12/2016


It looks like a actual Experian old pdf I have reported the same way as TU with respect to acutal collection accounts, just the estimated removal date and on a student loan (same one as TU) it has the same information under the payment history: 

Account History:

60 days past due as of Feb 2010

Fico 8 starting scores 09/27/15 EQ: 646 TU: 622 EX: 668 5 collections 1 PR reporting across the board
Scores 06/30/16 EQ: 685 TU: 699 EX: 695 1 collection now reporting on EQ and EX and 1 PR on EQ
Current scores 11/4/2016 EQ 688 TU: 705 EX: 736 No collections no PR/Judgements Finally Clean
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EQuestions has the DoFD, TU and EX have an estimated removal date (or something similar) that is based on the DoFD.
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