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Dealership ran credit report without my permission

Dealership ran credit report without my permission

I have received letters from 2 finance companies denying a request for an auto loan, which I never requested.  At the dealership my husband and I visited several weeks ago, I never gave the salesman my ss# and told him I will not give my number until preliminary numbers were worked out.  However, I found out today that my husband gave them my ss# before I arrived at the dealership.  Is there any way I can get this removed since I was never aware of this and never signed off for this to be done?
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i worked at a dealership and this happens often...don't w...

i worked at a dealership and this happens often...don't worry about it....just don't run around town trying to get a car and giving out your social.  inquiries are only negative if they happen often...which would take a lot of time...3x or more within a month
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That's the thing.  The letters I received were refusals o...

That's the thing.  The letters I received were refusals of credit because of my high balances of credit cards.  My score was going to rise at the end of this month since I had paid off several cards and made large payments on the others.  Now I am concerned that the dealership has ruined that for me.
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Impermissible Credit Pulls

Under FCRA, no one can pull your credit without your autorization.  Your situation could be an impremmissible credit pull under federal law-reg 1681-negligence.  There are penalties associated with this-cash for you.  May want to speak with an attorney who specializes in this law.  If you have real damages associated with this, the better the case.  Check
I have a federal case in the process of being filed.  Mine was pulled during my divorce litigation and  it will be filed as willful and not negligence. The cra should remove the inquiries and equifax acted quickly with the removal of the hard pull but experian is refusing. There will be problems for experian regarding this. 
Good luck..... 
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The dealership didn't ruin it for's unfortunate...

The dealership didn't ruin it for's unfortunate that they ran it like that...and yes, technically they need your signature, but your credit is what it is...that didn't hurt it any other than it would show as an inquiry....if the dealership "dealer tracked" you then you might have a case. If you really want to mess with them, go in and ask for your report...they aren't supposed to give it to you, but then you say that you never signed anything for them allowing them to pull your report...bring in letters from the're really not going to get anywhere...even w/ a money hungry lawyer...I've seen it happen so-o-o-o-oo many times.  It truly didn't hurt your credit...just look at your report and make sure that each bank that denied you dosen't show as an should show one time...and that should be from the dealership only.  The guy that is seeking an attorney is right about all that legal crap...but you're going nowhere with it.
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Auto loan shopping done in a short period of time is gene...

Auto loan shopping done in a short period of time is generally viewed as one inquiry.  the max on your score that you probably lost was 8 points.  Utilization seems to be your biggest issue.  If you are now under 30% across the board with no max out, your score should still rise considerably depending on your pre-utilization.  However, if you dispute the inquiries online or over the phone, most are easily removed with the exception of experian where you must claim fraud
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Pulling your credit

I went into a dealership today to try and get an auto loan.  They kept me there for over an hour, and then told me that my credit score was too low.  How can I apply for a auto loan or any other loan without them pulling my credit and making my score lower.  As it stands now, I really need a car and can't get financed because of all the inquires.
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Inquiries alone will not lower your score enough to be de...

Inquiries alone will not lower your score enough to be denied for an auto loan.  There seems to be other things that need to be worked on before you consider buying a car.  The are too many sub prime lenders out there that will give you a spin if your score is even in the low 500s, Household Bank and Cap One to name only two.  Consumer portfolio services etc....  For a salesman to say that they can't finance you at all means you probably should pull your report and clean up any mistakes.  Other than that its time to sink more money into that old car until you can get your scores into auto loan range.
Have you considered a used car?  How much cash do you have on hand to put toward a new car?
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Used Cars...

You do need to look at used cars...and sub prime banks will only consider you if you can put $ down...and not $500...more like $1500 and up. If they are going to take a risk on you you need to show them you're serious...and money down talks.  You also need to understand that you're going to have to settle for a car that you probably don't that "book out" strong but you can buy cheap...PT cruisers...Dodge need to start somewhere....can't jump into what you really want.....and if you have negative equity in the car you're in need even more $ down. 
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