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Declined App--Unable to Verify Identity

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Declined App--Unable to Verify Identity

I applied for PayPal credit card and was declined. The reason given is that they were unable to verify my identity. There was also no credit reporting agency listed in the letter as the source of my credit score information.

I am a little confused by this information and I am trying to figure out why my identity could not be verified. I have moved recently and this is the first time I have applied for credit since moving. But I have changed the billing addresses for the credit card that I already have to my new address. Could it be due that my address is not listed on my report?


Also, I am under 21, so I am wondering if this could possibly be due to the CARD restrictions, but I thought those required that they validate my income.


Does anyone know what this decline reason means and why it may have happened?



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Re: Declined App--Unable to Verify Identity

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Re: Declined App--Unable to Verify Identity

Yes I do. I have other credit cards that report and have reviewed my free annual report from all three credit reporting agencies

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Re: Declined App--Unable to Verify Identity

This is interesting.  Did they pull your credit reports at all?  What exactly did they say on the ECOA notice (decision letter)?


I would write and / or call them for additional information.


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