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Detected Address Change Alert

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Re: Detected Address Change Alert

@gribblefoot wrote:

It was an alert from within myFICO's FICO Quarterly Monitoring product. As mentioned, I already got my credit reports from the bureaus directly and there was no indication of the address and also no new inquiries. My best guess is an attempted identity theft?

I would just keep a close eye on things, does not seem to potentially serious.


ETA: You may want to look into "Locking your credit reports"

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Re: Detected Address Change Alert

Check Innovis and ChexSystems. Check your contact info on file with each of your current creditors (credit cards, auto, checking and savings accounts, loans, utilities). When the USPS opens postal offices again go in and confirm that your mail has not been temporarily forwarded or on hold. Freeze, do not lock or put a fraud alert on your credit reports; the fraud alert does NOTHING. Confirm your driver's license has not been reported lost and a replacement mailed out or address changed. Screen cap those security questions where they ask you things like "Which one of these telephone numbers has ever been associated with you?" and you don't recognize any of the choices. Sometimes "None of the above" is a sufficient answer but when you fail to pass those security questions that indicates fraudulent information that is showing up on one (or more) of your CRs. Set up an online Social Sec Admin account and monitor your SS reported compensation. When something like this happens it's wishful thinking to assume it's a fluke or a typo or just a mistake. Look up synthetic identity fraud/theft; criminals are piecing PII info of multiple victim's to create Frankenstein identities so that is why you could get an alert but everything appears normal on the surface. Recently two creditors added fraudulent contact info to my accounts from fraudulent credit applications. It's getting worse. Remain vigilant. Good luck.

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