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Different accounts reported to different bureaus?

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Different accounts reported to different bureaus?

I am in the process of establishing my credit. I moved to the US from Canada and, once I got my green card, got my SSN. I have a Cap One secured card in my name (established last month). That is the only account showing on my TU and EX reports. However, EQ is showing all of the accounts that I am an AU on with my husband (including those that I was added to prior to getting my SSN). As a result, my credit score has about a 100 point discrepancy between TU/EX and EQ. I'm new to all of this, so I was wondering, is this typical? For different accounts to report to one bureau and not others? 

Thanks in advance for any help! I've been reading these forums like crazy and learning so much from everyone!

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Re: Different accounts reported to different bureaus?

It is typical.

Reporting is optional, and a creditor can choose to only report to one or two selected CRAs.

Mandatory reporting only applies to update of previously reported information as needed to maintain its current accuracy.


Additionally, some furnishers do not have a reporting agreement with all CRAs, and thus cannot report without that business agreement.

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