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So today I logged into CK because I got a notification.

Both scores went up 21 points the only change reported was NFCU account added (i'm guessing also that accounts aged otherwise that's not really a reason to jump that much considering I have other revolvers).

Anyways so seeing this I decide I want to know my FICO score because CK is showing 683 for TU and 693 for EQ and I'm like whoa that's good! So I pay my $1 to CCT and it's showing 648 TU and 652 EQ which is pretty far off but what can you do.

Anyways I decide to compare reports (it seems like EX is missing a lot of my accounts, at least 3-4, Smiley Sad ).

In my comparison I notice that 2 accounts in an AU on are showing up in the data in CCT but only for TU. One of the accounts is backdated and actually increases my oldest account thus boosting my score. The only thing is neither of these two accounts are showing up in Creditwise or CreditKarma but it is showing up in CCT is there a reason for this?

And why only Transunion it would definitely help my EX score to have this account data (I already checked and both accounts are being reported on my fiancées CR so it's not like it's a company that only reports to 1 or 2 CRA's).
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