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Disputing Question

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Disputing Question

Hi all, I'm new here and VERY green to this credit business. I have pulled all 3 of my reports and scores: TU-597/EQ-646/EX-651. My question is this: I have a few judgements & paid collections that are from 1999, and 1 collection that doesnt belong to me. When disputing these, is it better to dispute with the CRA's via phone, email, or in writing? The only one I can legally dispute is the one that doesnt belong to me, but I CAN ask them to take off the paid ones, & the older ones right? Since I'm so new with this, I've read sooo much info, that my head is spinning! I see some have used sample letters, I found some, but don't know if they really fit my situation. From what I've read, should I just let the one's from 1999 fall off, or ask them to remove since they are still there? I've read they come off in 7yrs. What's my chances of them removing the paid ones? They are not that old yet. Please help!! Thanks...CGame
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Re: Disputing Question

If the paid accounts are truly from 1999 - you have a legitimate claim to have them removed.  They should not be there.  Period.
And, someone correct me if I'm wrong, if this kind of error is on your credit report, doesn't FCRA require that the CRAs contact all companies that considered your credit in the last six months with the updated info and scores?
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Re: Disputing Question

Thanx for the info. I figured they should come off automatically, but I think I better contact them. Now... 1.) If I have some collections I PAID, but are NOT 7yrs old yet, can I ask them to take those off? Will they do that or will I have to wait? What's the best method? 2.) Do CRA's remove paid tax liens? Do I have to wait 7yrs for those to come off? 3.) I have a collection that is not mine, should I dispute this via email, phone, or certified mail? Which is more effective? Sorry for the questions, I am just getting into fixing my credit after years of abuse. I see where some of you are REALLY knowledgeable in the credit areas, and I would appreciate the help. Thanx guys!!

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Re: Disputing Question

What Neblett said is correct. If the DOFD is from '99, then it's well past 7-1/2 years and needs to come off. Dispute with the CRAs. Tell 'em it's too old to report.


I believe it's optional. You can tell the CRAs to send updates to anyone you've applied with, but they aren't required to unless you ask.


Paid collections are danged tough to do anything about. Hop on over to creditinfocenter, if you're interested, and there's some discussions about ways to fight those. However, odds are not with you. Worth a shot though. Nothing to lose by trying. Feel free to PM me and I'll point in the right direction.


If it was settled for less than the full amount, then you have some leverage with which to negotiate a PFD. The 7-1/2 year clock starts ticking at DOFD. Generally speaking, an account goes 30 days late, 60 days late, 90 days late, 120 days late, and that month it went 120 days late and stayed delinquent is the DOFD. Also some discussion about tax liens over on creditinfocenter.


For the collection that isn't yours, did you recently receive a written notice in the mail from the CA? DV it and dispute with the CRAs. Use the address on the notice, or the address on your CRs if you didn't get anything in the mail.


"You claim that I owe you a debt. In accordance with FDCPA, send me validation of this debt." Send them your name, address, the account number, and no other info (like SSN). If it ain't yours, then they don't have your SSN and you don't wanna help 'em tag you with it. Send it CMRRR. Same your CM receipt, RRR green card when it comes back, USPS receipt (which has the CM # on it), and a photocopy of your signed letter. Also put a reference line at the top of the letter.


USPS CERTIFIED MAIL xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

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Re: Disputing Question

Thanx've been a HUGE help!!!! I guess I'm gonna go on my quest of cleaning up this mess of a credit report I have.
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