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EX FICO 762. I'm Home. :-)

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EX FICO 762. I'm Home. :-)

Just got my latest EX FICO from PSECU: 762!! I'm so relieved. I've made it. I'm home. My goal of excellent scores with some cushion is achieved! Thanks to all the contributors for their content and advice over the past few months. My scores are now all "EXCELLENT". 


I'd been anxiously awaiting that score since a long battle with Capital One  resulted in a Charge off being removed back around +/- 4/20/12. My TU FICO jumped to 781 on that day. The EX FICO is dated 5/2/12 ( we always get them about 10-13 days later) but little to nothing has happened since then so it's accurate. EQ FICO in the 720s as I await the removal of a tax lien any day now. Slow updates on that stuff!! That will push my EQ FICO up into the range of the other 2. The days drag waiting for the update to reflect in my score!! 


It's been a long battle. I started my credit repair in mid September 2011 with all scores in the low-mid 600s. A steady combination of PFD's, item verify letters on petty crap, new credit cards (moderation!!), a new loan and 100% payment history did most of the work. And then tenacity with dubious and damaging COs from Verizon and Capital One resulted in an improved status with Verizon (changed to "closed at Consumer's request" which totally jolted my score upward) and a complete deletion of the Capital One CO....the latter thanks to!!! They rock!! Those two last actions pushed me from around 700 to the mid upper 700s. And that's where I plan to stay....if not higher. 


Keep up the fight, people! Any newcomers: Don't be discouraged. Be patient but persistent. It will come. Pay For Deletion is a powerful tool. USE IT!! 

Friendly persistence on paid items can pay off but there's no guarantee. And if you have a genuinely dubious problem with credit card or loan companies that isn't getting fixed, use that link above. If you have a valid complaint, IT WORKS.


Good luck and keep fighting!Smiley Mad

Start (Sept 2011): low-mid 600s. NOW: TU FICO: 801, EQ FICO 808, EX FICO 798 (PSECU). Goal: Achieved! Now Maintain!
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Re: EX FICO 762. I'm Home. :-)

What did your FICO look like before you had that CA removed?


Is that TU98, 04, or 08? 

Re-entered the garden on 9/16/2013.

Starting Score: (TU) 517 (EQ) 469 (EX) 519 (6/1/2010)
Current Score: (TU98) 714 (TU04) 712 (EQ Beacon 5.0) 672 (EX -FICO v2) 724 (6/13/13)
Goal Score: 700 Club for all 3 (2 out of 3 so far)

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Re: EX FICO 762. I'm Home. :-)



EX FICO from 4/4/12 was 702. EX FICO 5/2/12 was 762. Granted, I also had some new balances that further lifted my score. It's hard to say. My freecreditreport dot com EX was 686 on 4/4/12 and jumped to 713 on 4/18/12 (That would be the CO removal from Capital One). But the real FICO might have fluctuated upward on other factors that the FAKO didn't react to. Hard to tell since I only get the EX FICO once per month. No daily activity is followed. Sure, my EX FAKO didn't move during that time but that doesn't mean the FICO didn't. I am not sure which FICO PSECU uses to deliver the EX FICO. I would think it's the same one they pull for credit inquiries but I am not sure. 


The other FICOs are from this site. My TU FICO jumped from 735 to 781 overnight when the CO from Cap One came off.


My EQ FICO's behavior to the CO removal is a little more convoluted. It was already at 718 with the CO from Cap One still on it. That score also reflected my Verizon being updated to "Closed at Consumer's Request" instead of "Collection".Then, around the same time that I got the CO from Cap One removed, the Verizon CO reverted back to "collection". My score dropped to 690 even with the Cap One account removed. Then the Verizon account went back to "Closed at Consumer's request" status on 4/25/12 and my score jumped to 719. I founf that all very confusing. I bascially gained one point from the date of that 718 score for having the CO from Cap One removed. Made no sense. Along side this matter, my "Equifax Score" from Equifax dot com has jumped to 735. What's odd about that is that my FAKO from Equifax dot com had always been 10-12 points LOWER than my FICO up until that whole matter I just described. Very Strange. I expect a sizable jump into 750s when that lien comes off. We'll see. 

Start (Sept 2011): low-mid 600s. NOW: TU FICO: 801, EQ FICO 808, EX FICO 798 (PSECU). Goal: Achieved! Now Maintain!
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