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Early Exclusion?


Early Exclusion?

I have a charge off for Verizon that should fall off my reports in August ( YAY) lol. I called Transunion about a month ago and they deleted early for me.. and even threw in one for First Premier for good measure.

I've called Equifax 3 times and they won't budge..

I logged in to look at an online dispute for Experian today and it's not there.  Verizon isn't listed anywhere..


Could they have deleted it  early on their own?

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Re: Early Exclusion?

CRAs dont delete reported information based on any of the credit report exclusion provisions.

They cease inclusion of the information in subsequent credit reports. 

The information remains of record in your credit file, and can stll, under the circumstances set forth in FCRA 605(b), be included in some credit reports, such as those requested for consideration of consumer initiated request for credit in an amount of $150K or more.  Credit report exclusion is not the same as deletion.


The party who reported any derog can always choose to report deletion of that information to the CRA at any time.

That will, if accepted, actually remove the information from your credit file.

However, CRA policy directs furnishers not to delete reporting of derogs based on payment of the debt, so such deletions are not common.

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Re: Early Exclusion?

Thank you!

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