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Eastern Revenue?

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Eastern Revenue?

Anyone out there ever dealt with ca Eastern Revenue? Just got nasty phone call from them regarding old tuition balance. They were very rude and bordered on threatening. Also, sent them DV letter back in October certified mail and never recieved anything back. I asked the guy about it and he said they sent a response. I never recieved a response and when I asked him to please resend items, he said he was "not inclined to resend the material since they already sent it out". I then asked him to send me proof that items were sent out and he refused. I'm trying to pursue this so it doesn't effect my credit, which I've been trying to rebuild for about a year. Any advice on dealing with this CA? Thanks! Smiley Happy
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Re: Eastern Revenue?

Tutition?  Is this a SL?  If so is it federal or private?


You should have followed up 30 days after they signed for the DV.  You will need to send another DV  CMRRR.


If they signed for the first DV then they are in violation as the DV states no phone calls.  Do not talk to them again.  Everything in writting.


Do not misplace the DV letters, GC or the cert paper.

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Re: Eastern Revenue?

Thanks for the response. It's not an SL, it's just tuition. I was approved for a GATE loan and submitted the paperwork to my school and apparently they never submitted it to the loan officer. I just spoke with CA and set up a payment plan of $75 a month ( all I can afford right now). Twenty minutes after I hang up the phone, I get a phone call from another person in their office saying they won't accept a payment plan without a 10% down payment of $830. When I told him I couldn't pay that, he said if I didn't pay it they were going to submit the account to move forward with "other avenues". I asked why I was told that I could set up a plan and everything was fine and he said he doesn't know and that it's null. I really can't pay him the large down payment. How should I move forward? Thanks!
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Re: Eastern Revenue?

I have dealt with Ester Revenue goingon 6 months now, they have been nothing but proffessional and caring in efforts to help e resolve my student balances..ALL U HAVE TO DO IS GIVE THEM A CHANCE TI TAKE TO YOIU AN DGO THERU THEIR SPEAL..and they will help you....thye take pride their repuration and care about the schools they work for...its all over the internet......they put me on a monthly program with post dated checks and I have had no prblems whats so ever... I woiuld call them back...I hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Eastern Revenue?

Welcome to the forums. You may not have noticed but this post is over 4 years old and the original poster has not been back. I'm glad you found a resolution to your problem with them. If you are interested in any further credit education these forums are a wonderful and helpful place.Smiley Happy

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Re: Eastern Revenue?

Can you provide a bit more info?

What is the DOFD on the OC account that led to the collection?

Did the OC ever report, and if so, did they report a DOFD?

Did the debt collector ever send dunning notice, and if so, was your DV request sent within 30 days of that dunning notice?

Is the debt still under SOL for your state?

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