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Effect of not paying credit card item disputed based on quality of services?

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"That was what I was wanting to see, but my dispute...

"That was what I was wanting to see, but my dispute was with Discover – do you have their rules, also?"
Don't have something similar to the visa/mc ones, but here's a listing of the codes:
IC - Requested Item Illegible Copy
RI - Non-Receipt of Requested Item
AW - Altered Amount
CD - Credit Posted as Sale
DP - Duplicate Processing
EF - Transaction Exceeds Floor Limit
TF - Service Establishment Adjustment
IN - Invalid Card Member Account Number
LP - Late Presentment
RG - Non-Receipt of Goods
RM - Cardmember Disputes Merchandise / Service
RN - Non-Receipt of Credit
UA - Unauthorized Purchase
DA - Declined Authorization
Searching the web for a particular one should give you more info.
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It is amazning that your time is worth so little

First of all in the U.S. Discover just as American Express has started selling the brand name of their card. Just as visa and mastercard.
So their rules and guidelines for letter writting changes on which bank you are dealing with.
I will go with the assumption it is Discover Bank, In this case get the dispute and pay it and screw around with them for a few months, on a charge this small, it has been my experiance that they would issue credit after you become too much of a pain. I assume that your letter is well formatted every 14-21 days summit the dispute and you will get the credit. also remember that the C.C. company has rules that they must folllow by the F.T.C. simply put every inquiry into your account must be replied to and i could go on forever. but pay the bill and then you will get your credit.
You need your 720+ score wether you are bill gates or a very poor person.
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Re: Effect of not paying credit card item disputed based on quality of services?



I recommend paying the debt. However, file a complaint with the BBB, FTC, your state AG, the state AG where the bank with the CC resides, and the state AG where the company that sold the investor education program resides.


BBB is luck of the draw. If the company already has a bad rep with BBB, they won't care about one more complaint. BBB only really helps if it's a company that tries to be consumer friendly. But, give it a shot as it's free.


FTC, probably never hear from. But, if they collect enough complaints, maybe.


State AGs are the best shot. Some are scared puppies, but others are ravenous pit bulls.

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