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Equifax Bankruptcy Disoute

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Equifax Bankruptcy Disoute

I am disputing my BK on Equifax. TU and EXP have already corrected it. Equifax cannot seem to get it right. Everytime I Dispute they just send me a prior response that everything is verified. For example.. I disputed on 8/16 and they sent me a Verification dated from 8/01. I have had the source accout correct between 8/01 and 8/16. How can I get them to reset and do the verification as of the current date and not rely on previous erroneous data?

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Re: Equifax Bankruptcy Disoute

Send proof of the error thru the US Mail with demand for them to report accurate info, if they still refuse to correct it file a CFPB complaint on EQ

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Re: Equifax Bankruptcy Disoute

^^^ This


And send it "Certified--Return Receipt Requested"

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