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Equifax FCRA form - previous address not in USA

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Equifax FCRA form - previous address not in USA

Hi All,


I'm trying to get a copy of my Equifax as I was declined a Citi card application and I suspect it's due to incorrect information.  I went to fill out the form but for the address it asks for a previous address if resident under 2 years.  Previously I was overseas, but there is only space to put a US address.  


Should I just say that I was at the address for 2 years, or make up a previous address?





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Re: Equifax FCRA form - previous address not in USA

I am really not sure what you should put in that field, but embellishing any info on the application is never a good idea 

Keep in mind that most lenders have access to ancillary reports, so if they felt inclined to do so, they can easily verify residence info. 

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Re: Equifax FCRA form - previous address not in USA

I would call Equifax and see what they have to say in this case. My feeling is that they are only going to want your US address history and if you don't have 2-years at your current address, it won't matter since it's your only address. The address info is just for matching your file, they won't likely have a foreign address in the system. 

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Re: Equifax FCRA form - previous address not in USA

I would just use the previous US address before you lived overseas. When less than 2 years at current address they just ask for "a" previous address, I take that as meaning it doesn't have to be address that immediately preceded your current address, just "a" previous address.


Having lived overseas a couple times a foreign address never gets entered into your "file", meaning credit report, Chex, Lexis Nexis, etc., because you never get anything but personal mail there - creditors, banks, etc. won't mail you anything to a foreign address. (Well, maybe if you're a multi-millionare, but not regular folks) When I lived overseas I always had all business mail sent to a relative's address and they would forward it to me in a package regularly. So that relative's address is likely in my personal info files, but not my foreign address.

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