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Equifax File MIA

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Equifax File MIA

My Equifax file seems to have been wiped clean. I joined PenFed on the 12th & it shows 2 HP's only(so glad I didn't apply for anything). Nothing else, I have no other information showing. I first became aware of it today when I updated my reports on CCT, both TU & EX updated but EQ showed nothing. I signed into CK & only TU was updated last, shows error on EQ. CK showed 2 HP's from PenFed.


Since Equifax is closed today & I wanted to know something I tried to look at my dispute online from beginning of May but was unable to verify my identity. The questions again were so off that they had nothing to do with me. So, I enrolled in Equifax monitoring & same result, showed TU & EX but Eq was clean, but did show 2 HP's from PenFed. 


Called the monitoring # & was told I had to call world global EQ or something to that effect. My normal good nature with csa's was no where to be found at this point so I managed a polite thank you, goodbye.


This is so frustrating, everytime I try to correct something on EQ they mess up my file. This time they wiped it clean, only bad thing it contained was too many inquiries, I  think wih PenFed will be 13 but if they really did pull it twice, will be 14.


I guess tomorrow I will be on the phone to Equifax & possiblly PenFed if there are 2 HP's. Monday isn't a good day to have anything added to my to do list. Smiley Frustrated


Moral of the story,unless you absolutely have to, do not contact Equifax, they will correct 1 thing & screw up something else. I contacted Experian same day & all is good with that file (corrected). 


Thanks for reading my rant Smiley Happy



2 1/2 hours on the phone with Equifax & nothing but they opened a dispute to investigate what happened to my file. I asked about possibly split file & I think they are clueless. All they want to tell me is maybe my lenders have not reported to EQ only TU & EX.. My brain is fried from trying to explain over & over to different agents, I had a file on the 5th, I have a hard copy of my CR dated 3/24/2016 in my hand. I had a file has nothing to do with my lenders reporting in an Equifax issue. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Equifax File MIA

Sorry to hear.  You might have a split file.  Definately update the thread once you speak with them.

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Re: Equifax File MIA

I hope you are able to get this cleared up OP. Sorry this happened to you. Hopefully, it will be a quick and easy fix, and you don't have to go through any hassle.

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Re: Equifax File MIA

I have spent the last hour on the phone, 40 with Equifax, trying to resolve issue with my file. Finally say it is fixed & told me that I could sign into EQ monitoring & see my file now. Which I did, I even used 1 of 4 refreshes that are free during the month,now I have 2 used since yeaterday & have seen nothing. Called cs for monitoring & they tell me they see my TU & Ex files & even read my accts to me. But my EQ file is still not showing & I need to talk to EQ global again. 


I have a headache from the 1st call, tried PenFed & they have a wait too.So, my question here is:

If I do nothing, will next months accts reports show on my EQ? Should I call EQ back & get this resolved? I really don't want to talk to them again Smiley Frustrated

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