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Equifax?!? Need advise please~

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Equifax?!? Need advise please~

Good Morning,


I am currently in dispute process on my credit with all 3 agencies.  However; I do have credit monitoring with Equifax.  I sign on today to get an updated report and I expect to see the usual 501 score; however when it processed my score had jumped to 682!!!! And there were NO collections on my account what-so-ever.  I have disputed before, but they have always shown that the item was in dispute; never removed the item in whole.  Is this a good sign? or a Bad sign?  Is it that they will put it back on in a few days? or am I good to say WHOOO HOOOOOO finally!

Thanks for you time!


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Re: Equifax?!? Need advise please~

wish i had your luck!

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Re: Equifax?!? Need advise please~

It is temp.  When you dispute, the financial aspects of creditor reporting, such as balances owed, are temporarily suspended in FICO scoring.

Upon resolution of the dispute, and if it is not favorable, they wll then be scored under FICO.

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Re: Equifax?!? Need advise please~

but that is the thing; this is my third round of disputes with Equifax.  They have never taken everything OFF my report?  I also only disputed 4 of the 10 items? And ALL 10 are gone?!?

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Re: Equifax?!? Need advise please~

i'm a cautious person, i would wait a while & see what happens.

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