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Equifax Purposely omitting information from credit reports?

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Equifax Purposely omitting information from credit reports?

Hi Guys


I have always had an issue with Equifax and after several disputes they decided to just wipe my record of ALL authorized user accounts. Now they have decided to not report my "Secured" credit cards. They won't admit it but it is to coincidential that after my disputes they placed a fraud alert, put a security freeze and wiped all my accounts just because i disputed a collections account?


Is this legal and is there anything i can do about this?


I have confirmed with USAA and Discover that they ARE reporting to Equifax every month.

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Re: Equifax Purposely omitting information from credit reports?

CRAs are required to comply with FCRA 607(b), which mandates:

"Accuracy of Reports.  Whenever a consumer reporting agency produces a consumer report, it shall follow reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy of the information concering the individual about whom the report relates."


If a CRA is receiving information from a given furnisher, and yet subjectively refusing to include it in credit reports they issue, then they must have some reasonable basis under some provision of the statute or regs for doing so, such as the credit report exclusion provisions for adverse items that have exceeded their credit report exclusion date.


You can attack lack of compliance with provisions of the FCRA either by way of complaint to the CFPB (or other pertinent federal agency), or by bringing your own civil action against the CRA for either willful or negligent non-compliance with section 607(b)..

When you state that they have omitted information but wont admit why, then you will need the intervention of some outside authority in order to force an explanation or compliance.


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Re: Equifax Purposely omitting information from credit reports?

Equifax is exhibit A for accidentally deleting positive trade lines, when only the details are under dispute.

It's the ultimate dereliction of duty; yet they do it over and over again.

Since the Equifax systems are clearly outdated, Equifax is largely growing obsolete - for personal data aggregation. The only thing Equifax has going for them is business reports and employment reports.
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Re: Equifax Purposely omitting information from credit reports?

Hey they're doing you a favor. Now you have NO personal information that can be stolen. 😉
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