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Ever have a GW to a ccc backfire?

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Ever have a GW to a ccc backfire?

Hi all, I've been hooked on reading all your threads for the last 10 days and am learning alot! The reason I ask about the GW is because we are trying to improve scores and overall credit picture in order to refi our mortgage.
I have a closed Lowes cc that shows up as a 30, 60 then 90 day late in 1/03
from when I was laid off. The account was then brought current and paid off and closed in 8/04. It only shows on my EX report as a derog. The other 2 are fine. If I GW Lowes is there any chance they will negatively update the other 2 reports? I know from the age it shouldn't be affecting my score much , but also know mortgage lenders don't like to see 90 day lates. Any advice?
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Re: Ever have a GW to a ccc backfire?

I would save this one for after the mortgage-
Work on more recent items first-
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