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Experian Boost issues

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Experian Boost issues



I was looking to see what I might be able to do. Few months ago I signed up for Experian Boost. I had to provide my banking info. With my bank you have to answer security questions prior being logging in. Experian Boost was somehow able to get around that for months. The other day I received an email from Experian saying they could not access my account. I logged in and could not get it to connect to my bank. I reached out to Experian via twitter what they said:


"I do apologize. Boost recently did an update preventing you from connecting your bank to Boost when your 2-step verification is enabled. I am sorry that you are unable to turn that feature off. Maybe sometime in the future your bank will allow it. I hope that you have a great day. Thanks"


I called my bank to confirm that the security questions could not be turned off for the 2-step verification. They said it could not be turned off.  


I followed back up with Experian via Twitter to ask if this will effect my credit score. What they said--> "If you gained any points from Boost when you were able to connect your bank then you most likely would lose those points. I do apologize. Thanks"


This seems unfair. At the very least the points I gained should not be taken away because of a recent update Experian did that doesn't allow them access to my account. 


Has anyone had this happen with Experian Boost?  

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Re: Experian Boost issues

Yeah seems only right you would keep any points gained. I haven't had that experience. They keep telling me they cant find any boosts. I have months and months of electric, cellphone and internet. 

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