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Experian Rant Part 2


Experian Rant Part 2

don't hate on Experian, you all.  I think a lot of us think of the CRA's as some sort of psuedo-govermental agency with an obligation to deal fairly and ethically.  So we write post upon post about how nasty EX (or sometimes EQ and TU, but not as much) is being.  We ask questions like, "why is EX so difficult, mean, etc."
Experian is a BUSINESS.  They are doing well, and will probably dominate the CRA market very soon.  They keep their average credit score down, give up information to the CAs, and make correcting your CR very difficult (after all, that would increase your score).
From a business standpoint, they're doing exactly what they should be.  They seem to keep within an eyelash of losing more money $ in lawsuits and gov fines than they take in by being "unethical".  It will get much worse for credit seekers before it gets better.
And oh yeah, you'll keep hearing the crap about the average FICO being 760/720/890 or whatever number sounds good to them.
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Re: Experian Rant Part 2

With the exception of their insane need to keep incorrect names and old phone numbers in their data bank I must admit that Experian keeps my most accurate credit report. Love 'em or hate 'em that's the truth.
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