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Experian Score drop/Closed Acct

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Experian Score drop/Closed Acct

Well if anyones considering closing an older acct it may ding your score.
Just closed older bestbuy mastercard owned by chase because only had 400cl and yearly fee. Just got hit by Experian by 9 pts because of closing, I didn't expect that. Just thought I would throw the info out there.In comments they put "payed acct" Info myfico.
eq 757 ex 762 tu 763 Chase Amazon 5000 citi double cash 4300 Citi TYP 8100 Cap1 Quicksilver Visa Sig 10000 Walmart MasterCard 6600 Big Sandys 4000 Best Buy 5100 LLbean 2300 Cashforward 17500 Sam's Club 10000 Discover Card 10000 bluecash 5800 everyday 10000 boa americard 20300 boa cash rewards 7000 marvel 10000
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Re: Experian Score drop/Closed Acct

First off, IMO 9 points is a low threshold for worrying over.  Second, how did you determine that the account closure was the sole cause of the score change?

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