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Free Ex FICO score from Discover without having a Discover card.

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Re: Free Ex FICO score from Discover without having a Discover card.

@iv wrote:

@dragonbits_bytes wrote:

The sources use for free scores:


Barclay TU Fico 8

KC, TU Vantage 3

KC EQ Vantage 3

Walmart TU Fico 8

US Bank TU Vantage 3

Discover IT card EQ Fico 8

Discover NO Card Free EX Fico 8

CITI EQ Fico 8

AMEX EX Fico 8


Experian I get a free credit report, but would need to pay for their score from their site


Mint Equifax Not sure what model, I think a score Equifax created for Mint and it's not a FICO 8 nor a Vantage score, and it's quarterly.


I know there are other free FICO 8 sourse, but I am pretty well covered already. is TU FICO 8, not EQ, at least for me and everyone I've talked to about it... are you really seeing EQ?

CITI is EQ FICO 8 Bankcard, not EQ FICO 8 Classic. does have a free FICO 8 report AND score available now. uses the "Equifax Credit Score Model" - not created for Mint, but also not of any real use.


BoA also offers TU FICO 8, as do many Synchrony cards.

WF offers EX FICO 3, oddly.


I'm not currently aware of a major card issuer that offers EQ FICO 8 Classic.


Thanks, I stand corrected, the monthy update on DiscoverIT card is using TU08, BUT the reason I thought it was EQ...


I recently got DiscoverIT card, I haven't yet got a statement, but the card came with a letter detailing my FICO Score from Equifax so I thought that was also the monthly free score, I hadn't looked at the online monthly update until you brought this up. The letter doesn't say Fico 8, (Classic or Bankcard) just FICO.


The only HP from Discover I got was on the EQ report.


On my CITI card, they do give a FICO 8 Bankcard score from EQ, I guess the major difference between Classic and Bankscore is Bankscore ranges up to 250-900 while Classic ranges up to 300-850, and I expect the algo has to be a little different.


Taken from CITI website.


"Your FICO® Score is calculated based on data from Equifax using the FICO® Bankcard Score 8 model and is the same score we use, among other information, to manage your account.  This model has a FICO® Score range from 250 through 900. "


So you are right, Discover is offering the TU Fico 8 score.



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