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Fresh start...unfortunately.

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Fresh start...unfortunately.

I just returned to the USA after living/working over in China for the last 8 years.  My credit history is completely gone Smiley Sad  I'm really kicking myself for closing my CC accounts, but at the time, I really didn't realize how much it mattered to keep them open.  It was such a pain to transfer money back to the USA to pay the bill if I used them.


The day after returning, I went to Wells Fargo and opened a checking/savings as well as a secured Visa (soft pull).  Last week I checked the "checkout" trick for Victoria's Secret and Brylane and was pre-approved for both.  VS 750 and Bry 500.  I have no intention of keeping a balance on any of the cards, as I really learned to love China's cash society way of living.


My goal is to get a mortgage in about a year if possible.  Any suggestions as to how to best proceed with building my credit file would be appreciated.

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Re: Fresh start...unfortunately.

Hi there!


Welcome to MyFico Forums!


The great news is that it is much easier to Build Credit than it is to Rebuild Credit!


You are on the right track. 

My best advice for you would be to stop applying for new credit, and Garden what you've already planted.  You can check out the Garden Club and make friends of similar interests!



I see that you are looking at the possibility of a mortgage in the future... since that is the case, I highly recommend that you check out the MyFico Mortgage Loan forum.


Below is a short list of helpful mortgage loan related links that may help you prepare for the process:

Guide to Common Abbreviations - Barry

Mortgage Acronyms & Abbreviations (what does PITI mean?) - ShanetheMortgageMan

Good Faith Estimates Explained - ShanetheMortgageMan

The Mortgage Pre-Approval Process - ShanetheMortgageMan

Evaluating Conventional vs. FHA (VA & USDA)- ShanetheMortgageMan

Definately feel free to post any questions you have about DTI and Pre-Approval Odds over there!  In addition, you may qualify for downpayment assistance as well as other programs to help you get into a new home!


Again, Welcome to the MyFICO Community Forum!

Hope all is well on your journey to homeownership here in the US

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Re: Fresh start...unfortunately.

Thanks for the welcome and advice Smiley Happy

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