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GW letters, hope for the best...

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Re: GW letters, hope for the best...

That's a really good GW letter...I may use your wording for my future GW letters!  Good luck!
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Re: GW letters, hope for the best...

dont mean to bump this thread, but I thought I would update everyone.

No further response from any of the other GW recipients and items are still on my credit report.

If in the next 2 weeks there are no changes, then I will re-send them and start this process over again.

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Re: GW letters, hope for the best...

trinigal wrote:

chartley3 wrote:
I tried the PFD with Calvary Portfolio Services and was informed it was against thier own policy to remove or delete anything they post on your CRA. Please keep us updated if by some stroke of luck they reverse course and remove the collection.

GREAT!!!  I have a collection account with them and was planning on PFD.  Geez!  Not what I needed to read. 
How are you going to handle them?

I had already PIF and the account is scheduled to fall off in Dec of 08 so I will just bide my time. However since they refuse to PFD I would try to settle for pennies on the dollar if possible.
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