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I read the thread on GW letters and I thought I would ask a couple questions.

I had a couple 30 day late,s with capital one back in 07 due to a death in the family.

has anyone had any luck doing it over the phone?

also if I do write a letter to capital one, who would I address it to?



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Re: GW



I have heard people getting a GW over the phone but I think it is rare, just depends on the creditor.  However, if you are writing them a letter I would use the address that is on your credit report.  Good luck.

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Re: GW

I had two lates on CapOne that were about 6 yrs old at that time reporting on all 3. I called CapOne's number as listed on the CR and asked if they could remove them. They insisted that I would want to file a dispute directly with CapOne and I insisted that those lates were mine and reporting accurately. The CSR then said that they would put in a request. Within 2 weeks, the lates disappeared off of TU only. So, 1/3 success I guess. I never called again because it was an old, closed TL and didn't want them to delete it instead of removing the lates. BTW, the lates removed themselves 60-90 days early off my CR instead of the 7 yrs.

ETA....I had sent dozens and dozens of GWs to them without any success. BUT, IMO, it is always worth the stamp. Picture a clean CR. There are a few rare success stories out there and certainly is worth the shot.
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Re: GW

I have had success in the past getting a late payment charge removed by calling the card issuer.  I have no lates showing up on my report and don't have a history of them with any of those cards.


Each time the CSR said something like "we will remove it as a one time courtesy".  I think I may have had more than 1 removed on the same card a few years apart, so it is possible.


Its important to note that I was really only focusing on the late charge in those instances (and getting it credited back), so those probably weren't 30+ day late issues and my entire post is really not helpful...

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Re: GW

I tried calling the number on back of the card and got nowhere at all, on the plus side, capital one csr's are

speaking English much better these days.

I plan on sending a email this week, if I have no luck there I will try the number on my CR and do a snail mail as a last resort.

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