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Getting "in" with the Big 4 a good strategy?

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Re: Getting "in" with the Big 4 a good strategy?

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I lean a bit toward the "it can't hurt" perspective.  I definitely feel that way about Chase.  One reason is that it's easy to open a checking account with them for a $300 promotion bonus, and you can usually grab an additional $200 bonus by parking 10k in a savings account with them for a few months.  To me that's reason enough.  In fact, bank bonus chasers will typically open and close Chase accounts every year for $500.



Good info here - I never even considered chasing a bonus related to a checking account.  I do need to open another account, so maybe this will be my in with Chase.

I make maybe 2k a year (pre-tax) from bank account bonuses.  The best single site for this is Doctor of Credit.  (They have a lot of good info about credit card deals too.)


Here are a couple helpful links to DoC:



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Re: Getting "in" with the Big 4 a good strategy?

I would second what people say about Chase doing favors for existing customers. Out of the blue, Chase bumps my credit limit up on my Chase Freedom without my request or initiation. Other companies and banks in my experience require you to go through a process or steps to even receive consideration for such.  I've been able to apply for my two credit cards with Chase without incurring any hard inquiries. I would assume because I was an existing checking customer with them since college.


For what it is worth, I just want to give you an example that supports that line of thinking -- that Chase does favors for existing customers.



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