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Had to Share (deaf ears)

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Had to Share (deaf ears)

I had to share...paid a judgment (three times the amount I owed the stinking acct) two years ago, for some reason the sutpid CA started reporting new info a year ago stating "closed in 7/2006" and their statement was "paid in settlement for less than full"
I've been sending new copies of the Satisfaction of Judgment" to the CRs requesting they use a calculator (not in that way) because I paid twice what they were asking (it was more like 3 & 1/2 times) so the account was paid in FULL, and in 11/05.
THe CA just sent another response saying it was paid in full...I decided to be brave & left a v-mail for the lady who signed the letter (she left me her number) and told her I was trying to get them to report accurate information - that I wanted the statement removed that appeared on my report and the accurate DATE reported...told her to give me a jingle if she had any questions, and told her I would check my report again to make sure they were reporting accurately since it's my right.
HA HA - may not make a difference, but some times it comes down to principle!
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Re: Had to Share (deaf ears)

Good for you! Make 'em give you your due!
" I like to live as a poor man, with a lot of money." - Pablo Picasso (who was a jerk.)
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