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Help Disputing a Fraudulent Inquiry

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Help Disputing a Fraudulent Inquiry

So yesterday I saw this little guy pop up on Credit Karma. I signed up for the $1 Equifax 3-Bureau Report trial and confirmed this is not a drill.



I disputed directly with Equifax online yesterday (1.22.19). They were very quick to respond (1.23.19). However, this was their response.








So I called SNYCB/PPC (Synchrony Bank/PayPal Credit apparently) and they stated they don't see an account under my name, but they will request Equifax remove the inquiry and put out a flag for any future attempts at creating an account under my name/social.


I have now locked down all bureaus (something that should've been done to prevent all this). A police report seems overkill for an inquiry, but if you think it's a must, let me know. I'll check back on Credit Karma when it refreshes to see if this actually came off. Is there anything else I should be doing? 

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Re: Help Disputing a Fraudulent Inquiry

Here's one answer - After the breach, EQ has become a larger mess to deal with.

There's actually one other recent thread mentioning something similar.

Sounds like an erroneous event, but keep monitoring.

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