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Help with multiple Reporting

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Help with multiple Reporting

I had a charge card that was charged off in 2014. Collection ageny picked it up and I settled for less than full balance in December 2017. Collection agency reported it as a collection settled on credit report. In April 2018 original credit card company marked me as a charge off again and negative payment, along with failed to pay which is showing as late paid. I disputed and they came back with they were correct and charged off again in May. Once again I disputed and did the same in June. Each time causing my credit score to drop. I wrote to the original credit card direct and they said they have every right to report charge offs on the account. 

What recourse do I have? They have reported charge off 4 times. This is seriously hurting my score. 

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Re: Help with multiple Reporting

I have several questions,


1) Is the credit card company reporting a balance now? 

2)  The credit card company was reporting it as charge off in 2014 and still are reporting it in 2018.  The only difference is now it is paid. So what else changed in the credit card company reporting of the trade line?

3) Is the account being reported multiple times by creditor or the collection agency?


Keep in mind each time you dispute a trade line the bureau will change the reported date to the date.





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Re: Help with multiple Reporting

1)The credit card company is not reporting balance. They were originally and changed that.

2)Yes the credit card company charged off in 2014 and are doing it again multiple times in 2018. There was no difference except for it was paid. 4 months after it was paid was when they updated the account to 0 and marked it charged off again.

3) Its the credit card company that has reported it charged off multiple times.

When I had called Experian - they told me what they were doing was wrong but all I could do was dispute again - dont want to do that through Experian - thats when my scores keep going down.

Appreciate you reading this - any help would be great.


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