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Hi I have an AZEO question

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Re: Hi I have an AZEO question

Please ignore YouTube and especially TikTok videos.  Authors/creators will do anything for clicks.



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Re: Hi I have an AZEO question

@Thomas_Thumb wrote:

First, please STOP this insanity of always quoting the prior post. It took me 5 minutes just to scroll through all the quote garbage on my phone.


Cards reporting a balance is a point in time metric. Therefore, the prior 7 months is not looked at by Fico when changing which card reports a balance. Just remember, it is better for 2 cards to report small balances than zero. By small I mean less than 9% of the card's CL.


Reminder - STOP the quote insanity. If you must quote, delete the old quotes and just show the most recent quote to provide context continuity.

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Even on a dektop it was scroll and scroll. Theres the tag "@" option please.

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Re: Hi I have an AZEO question

1.  Utilization has no memory.

2.  I agree with @Thomas_Thumb and @FireMedic1 that you should stop making indiscriminate use of the Quote function.

Total revolving limits 741200 (620700 reporting) FICO 8: EQ 701 TU 704 EX 685

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