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How Should I Handle This?

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How Should I Handle This?

I'm new to this site so bare with me, if there is an answer to this question that I haven't found yet. I received a settlement offer of 50% off an account that went into collections. I'd love to take them up on this offer, but I would like to see if I can get them to remove it from my CR. Do you think it's a good idea to send them a letter requesting that? How should I word it? Also, I'm not able to pay it immediately, but over the course of two months I can pay off the debt. I'll list the information that I received below:

Transunion: ER Solutions Washington Mutual Bank(OC)
Original Balance-477.00
Account Type-Open Account
Date Placed For Collection-01/2008

Letter from ER Solutions: Dear My name here, Settlement Offer If you have the ability, I have been advised that I can accept 50% of your total balance due as settlement in full of your account. The full amount of 238.87 must be received in my office by an agreed upon date. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer call me within 14 days. Even if you are unable to take advantage of this offer, please contact me to see what terms can be worked out on your account. Sincerely, M C, 866-xxx-xxxx Debt Collector This is what throws me for a loop.

It says that the CREDITOR is CRI Purchasing Corp. So who exactly is ER Solutions? Washington Mutual Bank is the original creditor, according to TU. There's also a client account # and ER Solutions has an account # listed as well. Please advise! Thanks in advance!

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Re: How Should I Handle This?

My guess these are actually 2 different OC's they are collecting on
WAMU and ER Solutions
ER Solutions is a CA.
If this is reportable debt (inside CRTP) I would pfd.
I broke up your post into some paragraphs to make it a little more readable-
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Re: How Should I Handle This?

I got one too, I think is is a scam possibly, I have been monitoring my credit closely, and suddenly this appears, I am checking into it, but I think is is a scam, dont send $ verify that they are legitimate first. I think they target people with a lot of activity on their credit reports who are trying to raise their scores.

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