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How accurate is

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Re: How accurate is

As much as we seem to love finding our 'real' scores, the reality is that sites like, Credit Karma, wise piggy, credit sesame, quizzle and whatever others there are, do at least indicate a general trend. 


Additionally, Amex, Chase, Citi, BoA, Wells Fargo and Discover all give me a free Fico score each month. Again, it may not necessarily be a FICO 08 or whatever, but it does indicate the trend. Unless I am applying for credit or insurance, the actual score doesnt really do much to improve my life.  All those free credit FAKO sites seem to give me enough information to let me know about anything untoward that may affect my credit. 


If I needed to apply for a mortgage or car loan, I can get a super real score then. 


BTW, I should add if it was FREE, I would be pulling my real FICO every damn day. I say all that stuff above, because deep down, I know it to be true, but I've been on a big debt payoff plan and my socre has jumped in the last few months from mid 600's to very high 700's (on a 850 scale) based on the free FICOs from the CC companies. 



Maybe they are not the ones you buy from Experian etc, but they sure indicate I am going in the right direction. 



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Re: How accurate is

@dragontears wrote:
For a free EX FICO 8 score

+1  Thanks for this recommendation, I'd seen Discover doing it for even non-members but not sure why they would provide the TU score for my monthly update if they have EX for free elsewhere.  Excellent resource to have, and FWIW, is really close to my fako (674 vs 680).

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Re: How accurate is

I can verify that the Amex score is a genuine FICO8. They say it on their site, and it's always pegged with my "real" FICO8 which I can see here. I put the "real" in quotes on purpose to demonstrate one thing: the whole thing is a big scam. If the bank's wanted us to figure this out, there would only be one score. Anytime big fat cat companies present a moving target, you can smell the money they're making. It's a great exercise to look at your MyFICO report and see how the scores drop with newer versions and are higher with the older versions. I can just feel the higher interest payments from the FICO9 model whenever they start using it.
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