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How do I contact Collection Agencies??

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Re: How do I contact Collection Agencies??


@witchdoctor wrote:
I figured it out....Wasn't listed on the pretty graphic printout they give you. But when I went to dispute I found all the info I need. So now the fight is on. The most interesting one I think is going to be with the Texas power company. I have three collection accounts with them but my wife already paid two. So I'm going to tell them I'll pay the third in full if they remove all three. Hope they bite.

So, just to clarify... You got your full report from EFX, submitted the dispute and then they gave you all the contact information?  Or were you able to get this through the dispute letter that myFICO helps you create?  I'm unfortunately ready to file for BK and need to get the collectors' contact info and verify information Smiley Sad


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Re: How do I contact Collection Agencies??

Hello and welcome.


This thread is over three years old and witchdoctor hasn't posted anything since 6/07. Hopefully someone else will read this and be able to help you.




From a BK years ago to:
EX - 9/09 pulled by lender 802
EQ - 7/06-663, 3/10-800
TU - 8/10-772
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