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How does PLOC report?

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How does PLOC report?

I recently got 2 personal lines of credit with credit unions. These are my first personal lines of credit.


I was wondering how they report to the credit bureaus? Are they basically the same as credit cards for reporting purposes?

Total revolving limits 653000 (575000 reporting) FICO 8: EQ 716 TU 747 EX 715

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Re: How does PLOC report?

An LOC meets the basic definition of a revolving line of credit, in that it sets a credit limit upon which the consumer can decide how much to use, and payments then revolve around the debt balance.  They are normally included in scoring of revolving accounts.


However, FICO does make a scoring exception for certain higher-limit lines of credit, such as a HELOC.

If the balance is above approx. $35K, they may revert to scoring under installment accounts even though they are technically a revolving line of credit.

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