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How to check whether a person on primary or AU ?

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How to check whether a person on primary or AU ?

I have a friend who has a sister knows all identities from his. So I helped him create a profile from creditkarma to check if there any cc on his profile. Indeed, there are a few cc on his profolio and two of them get charged.


so all I ask for help is how to check if one on primary or as an AU?


Note; his only care about the primary because if said person fail to pay off balances, then his future path will have a big problem


also, is there anything can do to prevent it?


thank you

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Re: How to check whether a person on primary or AU ?

Checking his credit report was a good first step.  Now he needs to contact the companies listed on his report, find out the status of the account, and ask to have himself removed as an AU, or to have the account closed if the account was opened without his permission.  If his sister is using his information without his permission, he is a victim of identity theft.  There are great resources online for next steps, but I would think freezing his credit reports and having a serious dicussion with his sister would be the first place to start.


If he is the primary on any of those accounts, he will either need to sort out the balance due with his sister privately or file charges with his local police department to start the process of removing those accounts from his report and his financial responsibility.  These situations are tough when they involve family, so it will be up to him which way he wants to go.

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