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How to setup fraud alert?

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How to setup fraud alert?

Ok basically what happened is a random guy calls me today saying I wrote a bad check in 2005 to cracker barrel. LOL First off, I've written maybe 10 checks in my life. Im a debit and cash guy. He is in Maryland I'm in ky and he says a warrant will be issued. I have 24-48 hours for me or my attorney to contact him. Calls himself Investigator Wilson. I don't think I've ever written a check to cracker barrel but let's just be sure. If I owe someone money they need to get paid. So I call cracker barrel to make sure and no answer they will get back to me. I then call the Federal Trade Commission and file a report. They also tel me to call EX and setup a fraud alart. I call, but they say there is a fee for my state. What is the fee? What does a fraud alert do? I'm about to buy a car and is this going to interfere?? Thanks
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Re: How to setup fraud alert?

Were you given any phone number or address on this "Investigator Wilson"?


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Re: How to setup fraud alert?

The CRAs are required, upon notification from a consumer, to place an initial fraud alert in your credit file if you simply state that you have reasonable suspicion that you have, or are about to become, a victim of fraud or a related crime.  Period.  It does not vary by state, and requires no fee.

FCRA 605A (a)(1).  It only requires your notification. Section 605A(d) goes so far as to require the CRAs to establish "simple and easy" procedures for requesting fraud alerts, "including by telephone."

States, in general, cannot impose limitations on rights under the federal FCRA that are more restrictive than those of the federal statute.


More specifically, FCRA 625(b)(5) states, unambiguously, that:

"No requirements or prohibitions may be imposed under the laws of any State with respect to the conduct required by the specific provision of section 605A."


Send them a request under FCRA 605A for an initial fraud alert.  Take a peek at section 605A for details on its effect.

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Re: How to setup fraud alert?

FrugalRican, I don't know how to quote on here but I have the number on my cell he called with. Don't want to post it so he can't find out more info about me. I may not have mentioned the most important part. He read off my ss# and birthday to me. I denied it was me. How do I get a human to put this alert on??
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Re: How to setup fraud alert?

Have you tried to google his telephone number with area code? It may show you some information. To file a "fraud alert" on your credit report, log on line to any cra and fill out their form. Or you can type a letter and mail it to the address listed on line. Do not send it to the dispute address. One credit reporting agency will then electronically transmit the information to the other major reporters. It is good for about 60 days. The service is free.

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