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How to stop family from viewing my credit history

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Re: How to stop family from viewing my credit history

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@Anonymous wrote:

On the CreditKarma note, afaik, CK won't let them make an account if there is already an existing account registered using your SSN.


You definitely need to contact the police thoughand file charges as mentioned above.

I think we need more details before we suggest the OP do that.  For all you know it is the OP's mother who is worried what their child has gotten into.   

Even if it's out of concern there's gotta be another way. That's snooping to the tenth degree.

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Re: How to stop family from viewing my credit history

Just as a reminder, it's not a one-time shot by a mom who was having a bit of mom-worry but had no idea that she was committing a serious criminal act that could easily place her in an orange jumpsuit.


Rather, the family member has laughed at the OP when he's asked them to stop and when he's explained clearly that these are criminal acts.  The clear implication is that the family member won't stop and will be doing more of it and thinks it is funny.


That said, I still have not urged the OP to file charges against specific people, but rather asked the OP to consider that option and to consider how he'll feel (and what the fallout will be with other family members) if he gets his mom or brother arrested and even put in prison.


One thing to explore is filing a police report based on the indisputable fact that crimes are being committed.  When your house is burgled, you don't have to identify who the robbers are to file the report.  A police report is an important step in getting cost free credit bureau freezes and other tools for addressing the ID theft.

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