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Huge Credit Card Debt

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

My mistake but paying off 90k while saving/investing 20k is just as impressive to me.


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Re: Huge credit Card Debt



It's great to see your post. You rock! What you have accomplished is almost unbelievable. I also am waiting for the day you can post that you have finshed this very difficult journey.


You are climbing this mountain and still set aside time and resources to give back. I admire you, my friend.


Be well

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Beyond awesome.  Such an encouragement to hear experiences like this to appreciate the journey and sacrifice. Thanks for sharing. 

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Great story.  Glad to see someone fight thru to get caught up rather than file bankruptcy.   I'll be watching to see you get to the end of this.  Congrats!

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Hi Everyone, and once again Happy Holidays and Hope all is Well!


I will keep this kinda of short otherwise I will be typing all night, but I AM/IT'S DONE!!!!! I came out of what was once a living Hell of around 115k credit card debt at my Pinnacle. Paid off in less than 3yrs, actually about a about a month or 2 ago I finished just didn't update right away.


I can say it feels GREAT!, I had so many setbacks and other issues arise on this Journey and felt like quitting so many times, but I kept looking at the bigger broader picture, and I had to keep my promise to myself and as I told everyone at the beginning I have tremendous heart (lol Like Rocky and the Terminator put together) and when I put my mind to something I do it, and that I would finish this.


I can't say exactly where I am at as it fluctuates,  but I am in the range of 60-100k saved now. So from 115k in debt to almost 6 figures banked in less than 3yrs, with my credit being at an all time low of around 450 when I closed all of my 26 revovling accounts to now in the mid upper 700's. I have also started some LLC's. I can tell you how I got there and what I did though in another post or DM me if anyone is interested and all the work I did to get out of this crippling debt in less than 3yrs. Again I am not an expert on anything regarding credit cards or debt, just a guy that was in a black hole of debt, and through hard work and my dilemmas and research found a way to get out of this, sometimes I feel like maybe it would have been better to file BK because of all the money I would have stacked and been able to invest, basically payed off a house with all the interest in less than 3yrs but without the house lol,  but then again, who knows, I probably wouldn't have worked so hard and took the time to learn other ways to make money if I just filed BK, and found the values I have incurred along this Journey. IDK,  but I am not gonna pretend to be a Dave Ramsey type guy who personally I could care less for and tell everyone to go on a bean and rice diet and never file BK, everyones situation is different, and from personal experience it drains you physcially/mentally, and emotionally, trying to get out of so much debt and not miss payments and scaraficing so much, so also do whats right in your particular situation. 


I am still me though, now that I have lived the way I have for the past few yrs, I don't even care anymore, I still live in studio with air mat an nothing to my name, eating ramen noodles/rice/beans and totinos pizza lol, I guess I am just a simple guy, I have many plans on how to continue investing and CRT's but as for me, I guess all the stuff I may have took for granted just does not appeal to me anymore. I know a lot of people would have been got an actual bed/moved/TV/Game system/clothes/jewelry/ New Car....etc and so on, but I like the simple life and still like to donate and volunteer, just feels so much better. Karma always turns circles. Never compare yourself to others and always be grateful for what you have.


Anyways just wanted to give a quick update and not type an essay lmao.

Thanks for all the support I did recieve here on this forum, especially contributors like, GApeachy much love Mama Bear, as Well as Save N Invest, Tacpoly, EW800 and ImTheDevil (not gonna lie you got me pushing because I know at the beggining you doubted this was possible) as well as many others.


Thanks again, I will and can answer any questions or make a new post if anyone is interested, otherwise its kinda sad, that I finished this because I loved the support, so unless I get myself into another conundrum of debt, or if anyone wants any futher post, this is my journey completed in this chapter of my life. I will stop/drop in though occasionally to answer post I see in the Community on subjects I may have advice or answer any PM/s, maybe drop an update to some of you through pm.


"IT Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done" Nelson Mandela


Wish all the Best for all, and Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year to Everyone! Stay Healthy And Stay Safe





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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

@bdub1234 Baby Bear, my doubt... Job well 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️


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Re: Huge credit Card Debt


Amazing! Great job and Happy Holidays!

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Trying to help you tag mentioned above....  I know you direct all of your posts to everyone and I know these ppl were first in the beginning of your journey.  Hope it helpsHeart


@bdub1234 wrote:

"Well as @Save-n-Invest   @tacpoly   @EW800  and @ImTheDevil "


btw: Happy Thanksgiving, yet again, yay!    Life is more than a $'s more!  Much, much more. HeartHeart

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

@355F1 wrote:

I realized my CC debt was out of control in Oct 2016.


I made a spreadsheet and was sick when the total came to $121,789.


I paid every penny of that off on Nov 1, 2018. I wish I could put into words how energized and free my mind, body, and soul felt on that day....


The key to this was multiple balance transfers at 0% APR and 3-4% BT Fee.


You can do it. dude....we support you!!!!


(In another note.....I also decided to buy my first house this year and I was able to build my dreamhouse which will be done in January. Pretty easy to get financing with zero debt and an 817 Middle Mortgage score, I found out!)

Cool Convo...much inspiration.

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Thanks for sharing the final chapter and great success on turning things around @bdub1234. As this topic has drawn to a close, this thread is now locked and closed to new messages. Without a doubt, there are many others who may have been inspired by the tenacity of your journey.  May you continue to succeed on other endeavors.

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