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Inaccurate Judgment


Inaccurate Judgment

I recieved a judgment which was filed on October 27, 2003. But over and over they also report my payments as being paid late. And so my report shows a history of 30,60,120,180 days late. 


But I was never late with a single payment. In fact, from the very beginning I set it up so that my weekly payments would be sent automatically. This was paid off in full by April 2006 and I can prove that I was never late with a single payment.


It is my understanding that judgments are suppose to remain on your credit for seven years so in my case this should be removed by October 27, 2010. Do I have a chance of getting this deleted now......since it has been reported inaccurately? And if so how do you suggest that I challenge this?


Thank you.

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