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Is this Identity Theft?


Is this Identity Theft?


 I was wrongfully added as an authorized user for a credit card that I have never had access to. I also have a collection OC from Dish Networks for over $500, and I've never had an account with Dish.  These items are really my father's stuff, and he knows it, but attempts to correct it with the OCs have been unfruitful.  We have similar names (I'm a Jr) so sometimes they'll report his stuff to my file. 


 After much research it seems a dispute with the CRAs is not the right way to go, so if the OCs won't fix, is a identity theft report the proper way to handle this?  Let me be clear, the only people misusing my identity is the OCs or possibly the CRAs, and I doubt anyone will take that accusation against them seriously.


Any tips on how to proceed would be great.

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Re: Is this Identity Theft?


Very similar situation there, so looks like that is the way to go. It's a real shame our personal information is so easily obtained and misreported and that OCs refuse to work with you. Fyi, the CC is from First Premier, it's a closed account with an over the limit balance and with lates. 


My current FICO (via Discover) is 592 with the only (probably really mine) baddies being two medical collections (3 and 4 years old). All I have otherwise is a secured Discover that I'd had for 6 months now (hoping it'll graduate soon). PIF every month, keep a low balance, and have been using it quite a bit lately.


Any idea on how much my FICO will rise once those two issues are resolved?  I'd like to add a new _unsecured_ card eventually, but being patient atm. I have 0 inquiries on all but equifax which is 1.

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Re: Is this Identity Theft?

Permitting the account information of another to be reported to your credit file requires your consent.

If another misrepresented your consent, yes, that is unauthorized use of your identity.

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Re: Is this Identity Theft?

I am also a Jr.   Yes some of my fathers information has shown up on my credit report, mostly when I was younger and his address was still a recent address for me.   At the time I disputed it the with the CRA and it was removed.  


If you dispute it then the OC would have to verify the debt and if your SSN isn't attached to the account it will be removed.  If your SSN is on the account for the OC then yes it would mean someone used your identity without your consent and that is identity theft.  


Even now that I have not lived at my fathers address for almost 30 years occasionally something of his will show up on my report.   Usually it will be the address he used when he wintered in the south.   Address issues are usually taken care of in a day or two, and account issues within 30 Days.


Of course it would help me if his accounts were on my report, but I want to keep the confusion to a minimum because if my stuff showed on his It woiuld bring his scores down.

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Re: Is this Identity Theft?

Sometimes it's not a Jr. mix up. My mom always seems to get stuff from my sister over the years.. last year the mortgage lender for my sister pulled up my moms report. They have different fist names, Marianne and Mary. My sister Mary has had a different last name for 20 years. My mom doesn't have a middle name, while my sister does. I don't see how they could screw up so often. 10-15 years ago my sister had late payments that landed on mom's report, took forever to clean it up and get it right..

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Re: Is this Identity Theft?

It happens because someone is lazy.  


They don't bother to put in the full name, or they use a nickname, or they make up names/variations.  Same with address.,  Same with employers.  Same with phone numbers.


Funny, but not funny, my internet provider pulled my credit using an invalid address that had absolutely NOTHING to do with my credit report.  Meaning the address they used - has never been associated with my credit report.


Every year, I spend hours cleaning up the sloppiness of others on the credit reports.


I just received a "save the date" address to myself and someone else.  Wrong name.  The person said she just "assumed" that xy really stood for zyx.  Whatever.


I don't have a middle name.  Yet people make up stuff (letters, names) to fill in that box.  

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