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Kohl's reporting to only one?

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Kohl's reporting to only one?

Recently my kohl's account has only been reported to Experian. I got a credit line increase that gave me an additional 14 points. I also paid down most of my debt putting my utilization down for 90+ to under 30%. I'm preparing for a mortgage and trying to bump my scores as much as possible. How can I get these changes to be reported to transunion and equifax?
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Re: Kohl's reporting to only one?

Bureaus update their files at different times. Smiley Happy


Lenders are empowered to update whenever, though. Capital One (the issuer of your Kohl's account) has updated my account at my request whenever I call them.YMMV.


I would exercise patience. Smiley Wink

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Re: Kohl's reporting to only one?

Agree with just have a little patience.

My CLI's usually take 2-3 weeks to show up on reports & the scores follow.

Has it been longer than the next billing/reporting cycle? Because I believe that's when FIs report the increases. 


Hang in there... Hang in there.gif




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