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LightStream deferment and affected by natural disaster

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LightStream deferment and affected by natural disaster

Has anyone had experience with utilizing deferments by creditors and having accounts noted as "deferment and affected by natural disaster."

I have a few questions specifically for LightStream. 
  1.  Will any late payments be reported to the credit bureaus during the six month deferral period?
  2. Assuming all payments resume as normal after the deferral period, will there be any negative reporting to the credit bureaus?
  3. I understand there will be a remark “deferment and affected by natural disaster” listed in the account, however will the account continue to report “pays account as agreed (Equifax)”, “Paid or paying as agreed (TransUnion)” and “This is an account in good standing (Experian)?”  
  4. After the six month deferral period, will the remark be removed from the account?

Thanks in advance! 

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