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Mobile Payments

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Mobile Payments

While there are several ways to make mobile payments, I see this camera icon to use for collecting your CC info.

This method is probably using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to fill in the fields.


I know it's to make entering CC info easier and avoid errors but what happens to the photo after using this method? 


I would assume doing it this way is more secure than using the keyboard.


Your thoughts...



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Re: Mobile Payments

It probably varies by merchant / payment gateway, etc...


Ideally this type of information wouldn't be stored beyond the point where it's captured and converted into a numeric value. 

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Re: Mobile Payments

I don't think it actually takes a picture. It just uses the phone camera to read digits and nothing more, IMO.

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Re: Mobile Payments

Ok. Thanks for your replies. I searched both here and the net without much luck. I've come across several websites who offer this type of data entry along with the keyboard.


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