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Multiple Address on CRAs

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Multiple Address on CRAs

I was reading an article the other day on ways to improve your credit. The article mentioned that you should really only have your latest address listed on your reports. I have several on each and I was wondering if there was any advantage to trying to get them removed. And if so is a dispute the best way to go about this one and if so what options to select?


I have recently purchased a home and moved, so one issue I've found with this is that not always can I log into any of the dispute sites( sometimes they work and sometimes not) and I believe its due to the fact that I have to select have lived at the current address less than 2 years and then enter my previous. Sometimes I will get the questions about what is on my credit report, but most times its that my information does not match. I'm assuming its the second address as I've never had that issue since I've started rebuild until after my new address was reported. Thoughts?

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Re: Multiple Address on CRAs

It's actually not true that you should only have one address on your reports.  As you can see, it is helpful to have both your current address and your last address -- precisely for the reason you describe.  (A person often moves and it can take many months for all the creditors to update their databases with the new address.


That said, a person might have a dozen addresses on his report and he wants to delete all but two (current and previous).  That's doable, but here are the steps you really should go through to do it properly, if you don't want these old phantom addresses reappearing after you have done your exorcism.


(1)  Identify all the creditors on your reports, plus any that you think should be appearing but don't.


(2)  Look for the DATE LAST REPORTED listed on the report for each creditor (including closed accounts).


(3)  For every open account, and every closed account that has reported in the last 7 months, contact each creditor and make sure that they have your most recent address.  Walk them through the exact spelling of the street address, city, state, and zip.   Make sure that each creditor is using the exact same street address (and spelling).  Do the same thing for your first name, last name, middle, social, and birthdate.


(4)  One week later, call them all again and confirm with a new customer service rep that the current address and spelling is correct.  (Ask them to pull up what they have.)


(5)  Give the creditors three months to start using the correct addresses.


(6)  Then pull your report with the bureau and dispute the old addresses.  It should be pretty stratightforward.  Simply stay on message that the old addresses are incorrect -- don't get sucked into a conversation about whether they might have once been correct.  Be sure not to dispute the current address and your last one.

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