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My Experian EE

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My Experian EE

I wanted to share my EE success story w/ Experian. But first I'd like to say thank you to everyone on this board who helps. I would of never of known about EE and how to approach it (and I'm a LO for 16yrs).


I first called on 3/1/16 to have a satisfied judgment removed that reaches 7 years from date filed on 7/30/16. At that time they told me over the phone it was too early and to try again after 4/30/16. So I called again yesterday. They lady began to tell me she initiated a dispute, i said "no no no.. i am not disputing this i agree i once owed the money, i just want to see about getting it removed early, an early exclusion". I couldnt understand half of what she said so I said please disregard this call and i do not want to dispute. she said ok and we hung up. So i called right back and got someone new on the phone. i asked him if i get request an EE, he then told me it looks like someone already initiated a 'dispute'. I then expressed my concern as that i am not wanting to dispute. he transferred me to a supervisor. the supervisor also called it a dispute, but then clarified that its an internal dispute to review for deletion and that it would take up to 36hrs for results. 24rs later i received an alert and my score jumped from 731 to 795.


so, i've read others on here talking about calling for an EE but getting the reps on the phone saying dispute. it appears they could be one in the same, just make them clarify if its an internal for a deletion review or the better known disputes to the creditor.

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Re: My Experian EE

I have not had luck with experian when it comes to EE. Out of the 3 cra i would say Transunion is the best at granting EE.

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Re: My Experian EE

Congrats! It's discouraging when you call these places and have to go through hoops sometimes to get someone on the phone you can understand. Glad it worked out!

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Re: My Experian EE

Where do I find the phone number?
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Re: My Experian EE

Congrats on your success.  


I got one early this month from EX.  When I called 1-800-493-1058, the lady I spoke to transferred me to the Dispute Department.  When I said I didn't want to dispute this, I wanted an Early Exclusion, she said this department knows all about that sort of thing.  They did.


It was quickly off my report and I received a 61 point increase.



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Re: My Experian EE

Does anyone one have the direct phone number to the Experian Dispute department?

My 3-month EE date is tomorrow (July 1st) for my last two baddies and I called 45 minutes ago (23 minute hold time) this number 877-870-5640 and the most annoying voiced woman (think redneck + dolphin talking) and I told her I needed to talk to a supervisor and the #$%# didn't connect me she just sent me to a voicemail. That was 30 minutes well spent. UGH! Smiley Sad
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Re: My Experian EE

In fariness to the CRAs, a bit of history.....


For those who have recently come to the forums, you will see many posts on a daily basis relating to requests for early exclusion.

It appears as if early exclusions are standard, routine items that have have always existed, and have well established and set procedures by the CRAs.


However, prior to approx two years ago, there was no discussion of early exclusions on the forums.  They essentially did not exist.

The CRA reps did not see them, and there were no policies on how to treat.

To this day, that remains.  One rep will simply exclude, while another may either deny or ask you to dispute.

There are no standard polcies.


One CRA began their handling by treating all requiets for early exclusion as a dispute, even though there is no assertion of any inaccuracy.

Some reps still treat by entering a dispute.

My best advice is to place repeated calls until you get a rep who will handle as a good will request without a dispute, and simply grant if within their policy period.


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