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My brush with Identity theft - they caught the guy thought I would share

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My brush with Identity theft - they caught the guy thought I would share

All in all I was pretty lucky.


Last September I received unemployment and the same day the letter came so did a pre-paid debit card where the funds were deposited.

The benefit was over $600/week and this debit card contained at least 2 payments.

That's great what a relief but wait a second I was gainfully employed and didn't file for unemployment.

Having been lucky enough to never have filed unemployment I don't know how the system works and at first my mind raced to holly S#%# I've been laid off and they put the paperwork in too soon.


I checked with work and they assured me I was not laid off and began to understand that even if I was my employer would never submit the unemployment paperwork for me so I would have had to do something to trigger a payment.


Anyway I called the department of labor and the debit card issuer and they took care of it.


Yesterday I received a letter from the Department of Justice that they caught the guy and as a victim I have certain rights such as being notified about the preceedings against him.


I don't know if he was sucessful in getting mony from the unemployment claim against me not sure how that worked but he was against others and put the money on Green Dot pre-paid debit cards.


Anyway I rest a little easier with all of the myFico alerts.  Last year while out of the country I received an alert someone applied for auto credit but since I had a freeze on my account they couldn't reach me and verify the application and auto denied it.


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Re: My brush with Identity theft - they caught the guy thought I would share

That story both SUCKS and is AWESOME at the same time..

It's nice to know some of those thieves actually do get caught.


Thank you for sharing.. 


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