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My fico scores

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My fico scores

Just paid for fico scores from my fico.., in October 2018 fico & vantage scores were 560 - 588.

Currently Equifax fico 8 - 685
Equifax vantage 3 - 645
Equifax 5 620 (don't care)
Auto score 8. 714
Auto score 5. 660
Bank card 8. 674
Bank card 5 644
Fico 9. 696
Auto 9. 711
Bank card 9. 699

Transunion Fico 8 - 659
Transunion vantage 645
Bank card 8. 655
Bank card 4 599 (who cares)

Experian Fico 8. 654
Fico 2. 621 (who cares)
Bank card 8 647
Fico 3. 600 (lmao)
Bankcard 2. 637

** I've definitely made some improvements in a short time but would like my scores about 50 points higher all across the board. The outdated models have me lower.. or mortgage ones which I don't deal with. 4 late payments with Navient 2 in 2015, 2 in 2018 (early). 10 months since last late payment, credit utilization around 13%. 😊
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Re: My fico scores

Are you asking a question?   It's fine if you are not.  Some people just like to post their scores.


But if you have a particular question, you may want to be clearer about what that is.  


Best wishes...

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Re: My fico scores

Looks like about a 115 point variance between your top and bottom score, maybe slightly on the high end.


I recently pulled all of my scores for the first time the same way you did and I had a variance of I believe 82 points between my top and bottom score.


If you keep your utilization low, never make any late payments, don't apply for credit and just give it (say) 12 months time, chances are you'll meet the goal you're looking at.

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Re: My fico scores

No questions... though I have a way to go, I was just happy with what progress I had made thus far & was just sharing.
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