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Need insight on several topics

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Need insight on several topics

Hi, Need help or clarification on a few things.

Past credit situation -Blank

In Sept of 2022

Which is when the last account fell off.


1 open account secure card

Reporting since 10/22


Fico N/A



Fico N/A WF Account 

VS3 700


Fico Unknown

VS3 700

So  I assume I don't have a Fico score, or do I?

I have checked a few Pre Approval Cards

Capital One Pre Approval- Success

The 3 rewards cards

Walmart card

Checked others and based off the results

I'm assuming anyone pulling EX is gonna be no dice.

I I resisted the urge to accept any of the pre approvals because my situation seems too uncertain to me at least.

I think a WalMart card might be kinda useful.

Or the other Cap One rewards for having an unsecured accnt.

I ran into one other issue that is a mystery to me at least maybe someone can help explain this.

Back to the issue of no Fico score

I tried the Apple Card Pre App No Dice

In the email response

GoldMan Sachs reported

 Fico score of 589 Eq

How? I cannot find this number anywhere nor any Fico score for all 3 CRA.

Maybe this is common knowledge but just in case is that

Apple Card Pre qualify did check more than a normal Soft Pull. 

It also did something through CHEX called DDA 

According to TU credit report.

So my questions are

1. Chances of success ok n Cap One offers

2. Just wait till 6mo reporting on my only account.

3. Explanation of Eq Fico score produced by Goldman Sachs that is not reproduced anywhere else including










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Re: Need insight on several topics

Cap One prequals are usually solid.
Cap One, Merrick, and Discover are good banks to start with.


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Re: Need insight on several topics

I went ahead and just tried for the Wal-Mart MC..


Was approved.

Low Limit possibly I made a mistake on my method of applying but oh well. Small win better than no win.


It was nerve wracking as I've only known rejection.

Also would it be better to try for one of the other Cap One cards now before anything changes?


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Re: Need insight on several topics

Someone will need to chime in to confirm if the Capital One one-card-ever-6-months rule is also true when one of them is a cobranded card like the Walmart Mastercard.   Even if it doesn't apply in this case you would still need to prequalify again due to your credit profile now having publicly changed because of the hard pulls you took as part of the Walmart card application process.  Any sucessful prequalifiers you ran regardless of whether with Capital One or another issuer before you applied for the Walmart card would now be less reliable for the same reason.


Try prequalifying for the Discover IT card, they normally like thin clean files.

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Re: Need insight on several topics

Cap One Pre App still successful

Discover was no dice I'm assuming it's because I have no type of score with Ex

Petal 1 card was Pre App success but the card itself didn't look very appealing and I don't know enough about it to continue.

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