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Need some clarification re: SOL for OH, etc.

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Re: Need some clarification re: SOL for OH, etc.

Correct that you dont have to do anything, but not absolute.


Being time-barred, they cannot bring successful legal action.

Being beyond CR exclusion means that others wont be able to discover the old, unpaid debt by simply pulling your CR.

So you could choose to just ignore it, and get rid of the debt collector by either a DV or a cease communication letter.


However, there is still a possibility of someone becoming aware of the unpaid debt via other means. 

Not likely, but possible.  It is now under a barrell.


Neither expiration of SOL nor CR exclusion makes the debt go away.  Paying the debt would enable you to honestly state that you have no unpaid, delinquent debt.


Most would likely choose to let it be.  It's a personal choice.

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