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Needing Help with my Credit

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Needing Help with my Credit

I just signed up to myFICO and I read some other stories of everyone here be helpful and helping those with not so great of credit or bad like my self build back up.


I never learnt the importance of credit, I knew it was a big thing and now since I am a lot order with crappy credit and making life changes.. Its time for me to fully understand how credit works and how to get out of the rut I am in, so that is why I am here... I know its going to take me Years to get out of what I got myself into and I'm ok with that..


So if anyone here is willing to help or coach me through I would be much so thankful, Some of the abbreviations you guys use I have no clue what your talking about.. but here is what i got for you to hopefully help me with a plan..


also like to note I'm trying to fiance a car through a buy here pay here place since thats the only thing i can do and need a car as well..


if you need any other information to be able to give me advice please let me know..


My Credit Score : 491

Hard Inquiries - 6

Soft Inquires - 6

Collection Debt - $553

Total Debt - $553

Time Since Negative - 7months (dont know what this mean)

Accounts ever late - 5

Collection Accounts - 3


my payment history = poor

my ammount of debt = fair

Length of my credit history = good

amount of my new credit = good

my credit mix = fair


I know I need to pay off the debt I have and I do have quite a lot of medical bills on my report and I know I need to start paying on them but currently while in school I have to work a not so great job but its a job and I really want to build my credit up.. 


So any advice or pointers that anyone can lead me would be great and sorry to bother anyone with another one of these topics but i am honestly clueless.



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Re: Needing Help with my Credit

Since derogs are the most significant factor in credit scoring, can you list the following information on each derog?

Monthly delinquencies: when each occured, and their level.

Collections: the date of first delinquency and the current amount of the unpaid debt.

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Re: Needing Help with my Credit

I dont know what derog is but i can get you the rest



Sep 1, 2013 - $80

Feb 1, 2016 - $40

Mar 1, 2016 - $433


Monthly delinquencies: (I guess this is what you want)

I have a total of 3, 2 of which are paid off, 

BB&T (Loan) $10,879 - paid - 30 days late a total of 5 times in a 6 year period

US DEPT OF ED/GLELSI (Loan School)  $3,174 - Paid

VERIZON WIRELESS - $1,063 (Negative)


those are the only things in theref





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Re: Needing Help with my Credit

The three collections you have, it is possible to pay for delete?  See if the collection authority will remove from your credit reports if you pay the collection in full.  Get those taken care of.  As well Verizon, see if they will settle the account with you.  Getting them to remove after payment I hear is a no go.  Just get those things taken care of.  However, what do you have positive reporting?   Credit cards, etc.

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